Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Eri-bonic Plague

I had super good intentions of doing a year in review for the blog (I did, after all, get married this year!).  I was working on a list of great things that happened in 2016 (since it was such a bummer year for most people) and a list of great people I've met over the last 12 months.  But then....


The plague hit.  It started as maybe a cold, maybe a touch of influenza.  It raged on to pneumonia, bronchitis and double ear infections (I really am basically an overgrown toddler, right down to the ear infections!).  I'm now on my 4th round of antibiotics, and I have a consult with an ENT (also an unrelated consult with a Neuro for the migraines).  I'm starting to sort of be able to hear out of my ears again, praise the Good Lord!  For the last week or so I've been walking around yelling, "what?!", holding my ears in pain and oozing., the oozing.  I managed to make Christmas great for my family and then slept completely and entirely through New Year's.  So anyway....

All that to say that THE PLAGUE appears to have cleared up just in time because classes start again on Monday and I have 5 courses for 13 credit hours.  So it's not like I'm going to be slacking it off, but I may not have time to get to that year in review.  Hubby and I both have a bundle of specialist appointments coming up and there's some family stuff going on that I need to be responsible for and give time to.  But,  I'll try, I promise!  Also, no Christmas cards went out because my 1st wedding anniversary isn't too long after the New Year (March 18th) and we decided to do photo cards for those who missed the wedding and a letter for that!  

So anyway, really, if you want to catch up, email me!  And I'll do the best I can to make sure I get around to those year-in-review posts, even if it takes me until February.

Also, I think I'm plague free now so puhhhh-lease hug me!  It's been rough.

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